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27 January 2007 @ 11:31 pm
Fairy Souls---a revised edition.  
10,000 years ago, when the Slayers’ world was thrust onto a staff and Ceifeed and Shabraningdo battled for dominance, a great disturbance was caused. Afflicted by the heated battle, remnants of the staff cracked and split off. This substance then became known as the “Philosopher’s Stone”. This substance had the power to take any form of magical energy and amplify it a hundred fold in its most pure form. Only one remnant of this pure form was ever known to exist. The tiny fragments embedded themselves into the earth, and eventually rose to a new breed of being who inherited this neutral power. They were the elven race.

Elves are neither shinzoku nor mazoku; they do not have a higher remembrance of the sea of chaos. Indeed, their very existence is closer to the sea of chaos than either of those races, yet they are very akin to the humans; the exception being their enormously long life spans and affinity with nature. Though they elves themselves do not know the origin of their birthright, many consider it to be their close ties with nature and the world that gives them their special properties. In exchange for their longevity, very few elves are ever born and so they are a reclusive and cautious people. They live on the edge of existence and rarely interact with other races. This all changed during the Kouma War.

Driven by the mass chaos and outbreak of violence, the elves were driven to form pacts with their neighbors, namely humans as well as dwarves and beastmen. An alliance between the elves and dragons was never able to be formed as each raced considered themselves the superior species which would one day bring peace to the continent. Outside influences also caused a rift between the two… Even then, the bonds between elves and humans are shaky. Humans do not appreciate being akin to the disobedient stepchild race of the world. The mazoku, eager to seize any opportunity to create rifts, sent in an emissary, Sherra, to find something to shake the elves from their position of authority. What they found was a little more than surprising.

The original plan was to corrupt elves using Sherra’s weapon into a small armada she could use to turn against the humans. What she discovered was that unlike humans who could be controlled, elves turned into a berserk, power-hungry savage, attacking the first source of power they came across to consume it, and in the first case of this attempt, Sherra herself. Sherra quickly eliminated the creature, but afterwards what remained was a small fragment of energy, glowing red with hatred.

Now, elves themselves knew of this strange phenomenon, Fairy Souls, the lingering remnants of a deceased old soul of their kind. For the most part they were simply considered to be angels of their fallen watching over their kind. What was unknown to them and quickly becoming clear was the ability of these souls to absorb magic, energy, and emotions…Sherra continued to plan to set loose the berserker elves into human and elven communities alike. What she did not expect was the humans that DID manage to kill these creatures to stumble across the same knowledge that she was keeping to herself. Indeed, they soon discovered that containment of elves souls, both corrupted and pure could be used to amplify their struggling magic use, as well as implanted into powerful weapons.

Against the wishes of the mazoku, the dragons also eventually took notice by way of rumor that a power had been discovered that could amplify their own holy magic. The dragons that were sent off to discover its source were quickly eliminated by sentries of the mazoku race. A lone clan did however, break through and take back the secret in silence, under the nose and without the knowledge of Ragradia… (*pregnant plot point!*)

The story that cannot be easily told of this time…is just why this power did not ride out the centuries that followed. It is said that the despair among the elves over their rapid genocide and use as weapons became so great; it awoke the consciousness sleeping inside every fairy soul that back lashed its user. By this point, the destruction of the elven race and the rise of humans had become so great, not shortly before the final battle of the Kouma War, elves slipped into hiding, and did not appear the outside world again…thus the knowledge of fairy soul’s power was lost to the world.
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