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30 January 2007 @ 02:11 am
Unfinished- Entirely  
I said I'd post, so I shall. Even if it's seriously unfinished.


The promised boobies! Quick and sloppy, and those legs are on a plane all their own, but it was sort of fun. Unfortunately.. I bent the damn thing pulling it out of the scanner, so any finishing will probably have to happen via the comp.

And I do so hate doing comp work.

And trying to get some layout down for color designs. Yes. That means that this will be colored. I'll make a black and white version so that you can practice some toning. I really can't seem to solidify a style, damn it. Slayers guys fall into my style just fine, but the girls... they just don't work. In my style they'd look like little kids.

Not that they don't anyway.... hmmmm...