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13 January 2008 @ 02:14 am
Alrighty, here's a compilation of relevant things I learned (or remembered) from reading the novels this week:

Kouma War Funfacts:

-Apparently the barrier set up by the sub lords sans Phibby was activated not too much before the final battle. It also cut off all the other Dragon Lords' powers from the inside.

-The Water Dragon and Demon Lord of the North were said to be "Practically equal in power".
I'm guessing Gaav was the trump card /extra push? Or maybe he was the channel somehow, who knows.

-Phibrizzo released the seal on Lei Magnus, supposedly at the time The Water Dragon was confronted.
I had a fun idea about this one. I know Phibrizzo said his minions were destroyed, but what if he actually sacrificed their powers to break the seal, since he was done with them at that point? Sounds fucked up enough for Phibby.

-The Water Dragon (and presumably her minions) laid traps along the way up to the Kataart mountains.
They don't specify what KIND of traps, so we might address this.

-Lei/Shabby defeated Water Dragon, but was sealed to the earth in ice by Water Dragon's power as she died. He didn't actually die though.
Supposedly he's still around chillin' up there. Haha, get it? ...*cough* Anyway, I'm not sure yet what relevance this will have but it seemed important to mention. Also, time line.

-After being sealed, Lei/Shabby is said to now preside over all mazoku in the world.
He's so lonely.

-Gaav was defeated at the same moment as Water Dragon "seemingly by a mutual blow."
I have no idea what this means. Let's discuss.

-Water Dragon used a fragment of her mind to seal Gaav into a human body. Apparently this only worked because they were both dragons.
We know most of this, I had more funky ideas though, like what if Gaav wasn't able to fight properly because he saw the way Phibby sacrificed his minions (if we use that idea). Maybe Water Dragon used that hesitation to "humanize" his soul when she sealed him. He did seem like the noble type, if not terribly unfriendly. I still gotta figure out what the whole dragon connection is about.

Other Funfacts:

-It was mentioned that the Philosopher's Stone was rumored to be a relic of advanced sorcery from lost society or a fragment of the Divine Staff.
Or both? This stuff kinda plays along with what we already had going, if one of our races is indeed dabbling in chaos magic.

-The Drag Slave was first used by Lei Magnus to destroy a 6000 year old Arc Dragon.

-A white sorcerer, a trusted adviser to the king who founded Sailune designed the city's hexagram layout.
Character opportunity! This opens up a whole can of "lost art of holy magic" in the hands of humans/other races.

-There's a big elf village west of Galia, and to the north of Dragon's Peak in the Kataart Mountains.
Both of which apparently still exist by novel 7. We should name them.

-Xelloss never met Gaav's minions before novel 7.
I guess that scraps using them at all, except maybe for off-screen cameo.

-Rashaat is a whiny little bitch.

Random Ideas I Had (tm):

These are fragmented, sorry.

-Lei Magnus a professor/scholar?
-Wait, would that make Xelloss his pupil AND his teacher?
-Having Lei deal exclusively with Xelloss for a time before meeting with any elves or Sherra.
-Would Sherra and Xelloss maybe be in a competition to see who can manipulate Lei first? Dynast is the power-grabbing type after all, maybe he wants kudos points. And sure, Xelloss would win on a tactical level. But Sherra has SEX APPEAL.
-I'm liking less the idea of Sherra as a religious type leader. She should play more to her strengths. It seems more awesome (and logical, and plausible) that she's sent as a convoy to "strategize" the military cooperation between the various races that are forming alliances. Only she's actually leading them to DOOM. Teehee.
-I just can't leave Dulgofar out. I should write a cool scene when she creates him. Plus, he's useful for creating chaos. Mmmmmm, chaos.
-I'm also thinking of scrapping all that fairy soul crap. Too complicated.
-On the other side of that, I need for form a new idea of where the hell that Philosopher's stone came from.
-Water Dragon needs to be cool. I mean like shitcool. And obviously more knowledgeable than she lets on. Maybe she pelts the mazoku with a mental attack when she's losing (shit I'm gunna have to write a smart speech for that) that causes the hesitation in Gaav, the seal on Lei and consequently, apparently exploding herself. ("mutual blow?")
-Sherra's job toward that final battle could always be to lead her mix of lesser demon and cannon fodder army through those "traps" I mentioned before.
-That makes Sherra cannon fodder too D:
-I always thought it would be kind of awesomely awesome if Xelloss did that whole dragon genocide crap after maybe Sherra gets the juice kicked out of her by a dragon "trap". It would make him smiley. Awww. <3

Thats all for now. I might come back and do more random thoughts later. I wish I had a mental linkup to this LJ everytime a new thought popped into my head. I feel I've forgotten some good ideas I had.
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Juushinkan: *Ninja*juushinkan on January 13th, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
*As discussed earlier. First point would have to be a 1-2-3 punch tactic, since Phibby is definitely one of the points forming the barrier. He would have to ruin his priest and general, use their power to release the seal on Lei and haul back to his desert to bring up the barrier, leaving Lei in the care of Gaav.

*On that note, we'll have to figure out how to get Lei to the Kataart mountaints (wasn't that where it happened?). Will Xelloss assist in tricking him, or will he eventually simply be kidnapped? Considering that Phibby broke the seal directly, sacrificing power to do so, they wouldn't necessarily have need to pussy foot around the subject like they did with Rezo. All they'd really need is for Xelloss to confirm that Lei is definitely a piece of Shabby.

*I like Gaav being a trump card. Two on one odds. If you're going to give him a slightly noble standing even as a Mazoku (Not terribly far fetched given that Zelas and DSD seem to go against their 'nature' to assist Lina in protecting the world here and there. As if they don't want it destroyed quite yet) will Gaav have a problem with this 2 on 1 battle? Will he be a traitor in more ways than one, since Xelloss would be there to witness Gaav's hesitation. Xelloss certainly had NO respect whatsoever for Gaav later on.

*Strategically, it almost makes more sense if Xelloss' destruction of most of the dragon clan happens as a battle front trying to help and protect the Water Dragon King. As in, while WDK is lured (knowing that she will probably be sacrificed?) and Phibby breaks Lei's seal, Xelloss covers the back and takes them out? It would still be easy enough to fit your request for 'Sherra getting the crap kicked out of her and Xelloss retaliating' considering that they would have all just come through those traps to get up to Kataart. Also, if you wanted to, there could be some implied regret at Lei's sacrificed, considering he HAD come to like him somewhat. No helping it.

*The only question all of this raises is- When does Xelloss receive the blood talismans? It was implied that he earned them from Lei- AFTER Lei was unsealed. So. Does he give them to Xelloss for a job well done BEFORE, or does he somehow manifest them from his limited capacity frozen in the ice?

-After being sealed, Lei/Shabby is said to now preside over all mazoku in the world.
He's so lonely.

Xelloss comes have Sunday dinners with him once a month to catch up and trade stories with him. DLN meanwhile, prattles on like a senile, lonely old bat, I'm sure.

*What if Gaav's hesitance lends WDK the time she needs to seal DLN. Afterwards, Gaav attacks her head on and they do their little mutual blow. It would explain, somewhat and in a convoluted way, why WDK used her last power to seal his soul rather than attempt to ruin him. Though, it could have been more simple in that she knew she didn't have enough power to mortally wound him. Why waste an opportunity to make things complicated?

*Maybe the magic was just more compatible because he's a dragon, too. The Slayers world has plenty of instances where they say that different magics can't meld, so it could be along those same lines. I do like the idea of that piece of WDK further 'corrupting' that slightest spark of nobility in him until he became the way he was when he met Lina.

*Obviously, it's probably humans dabbling in Chaos magic. We should so include a ridiculous cult of some sort. However, if we're taking out the whole fairy souls deal, then what sort of experiments are being done on the elves, and why the elves specifically?

Juushinkan: *Tail Wags*juushinkan on January 13th, 2008 11:42 pm (UTC)
*More and more, I'm getting the feeling that humans really dislike all dragons. Lei was applauded for destroying that Arc dragon, the question is why. The higher dragons are highly self righteous and stuck up. I doubt they'd go around just messing with humans to do it, but likewise I'd imagine that they ignore them entirely. Even the elves. However, I would also imagine that Lei, Sherra and Xelloss are going to attract the attention of dragonkind when they get close enough to sense mazoku presence. Especially as they draw more of the 'Shabby' out of Lei and that power begins to leak out.

Also, what sort of shenanigans can be linked to Lei casting the first Drag Slave? He would, in essence, be drawing power from himself. Would he become drained afterwards and be confused about it?

*The city of Sailune would need to be in the process of being built by this point, yes? If the barrier was complete, then that would cause problems for Xelloss and Sherra. Or do we want them to have problems? Also, we mentioned that the elves might have a sort of barrier system that at least weakened demonic presences (Maybe the elves have an affinity for spirits that caused them to avoid erecting as strong a barrier as Sailune later had), could these two things be linked or related?

*We should totally use those villages and name them rather than pulling locations out of our asses. If those cities still exist, then chances are they were very large back in the hay day of elven civilization.


*Lei Magnus was one of the major proponent of black magic, was he not? It doesn't seem common knowledge that he was a part of Shabby, just as it doesn't seem common knowledge that Rezo became one, too. So, it could be hilarious if a lot of the developments in black magic, as written by Lei, were from his direct contact and workings with Xelloss. Who, in turn would learn a great deal of his human infiltration skills and other things (??) from Lei?

Lei: You can't just sit in a restaurant and not eat. It's not normal.
Xel: Oh! But I'm perfectly satisfied at the moment with that grieving widow in the corner.
Lei. No, no, no. To appear human, you have to eat human food. At least drink something!
Lei: Don't eat that chicken, it's not dead yet!

*How exactly would this manipulation battle manifest, and to what purpose? It's a fun concept, but I'm trying to figure out what the goal is. Does Dynast think that he could somehow win favor with the Demon Lord once he was resurrected if Sherra assisted in that more directly? Of course, with the demon's blood talismans, that train of thought could be implied. Xelloss is the winnar! Difficult for Sherra seeing that Lei KNOWS Xelloss is a mazoku. She has to work incognito.

*I like the idea of her somehow working her way up through the ranks as a military leader in the middle of the war. Going to go back to making her a sort of hero in the eyes of the elves?

*I'm sure it will be easy to write in Dulgofar. Especially since humans and such use swords, so it would be a better cover. In that string of thought, would Dulgofar's appearance then, be based on the aesthetics of elvish design?

*Mmm... mental attack. Is there a way to put all of that crap together?

*Sherra is always cannon fodder. The end.